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added 2014-01-16

Thermo Multidrop Micro 96/384-Well Dispenser

Thermo Multidrop Micro #252-0
Thermo Multidrop Micro #252-0 Thermo Multidrop Micro #252-1 Thermo Multidrop Micro #252-2
Item Number:8190-105-02
Model:Multidrop Micro
Price New:€9167.00
Our Price: €2900.00

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Thermo Labsystems Multidrop 384
Item 8190-100-07
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without obligation
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Thermo Labsystems Multidrop 384

Manufacturer: Thermo  Model: Multidrop 384 

For today's clinical and research laboratories, 384-well plates offer a number of important benefits, including lower consumption of reagents and increased throughput, particularly for screening applications.

The Multidrop 384 is an automated dispenser designed for high-throughput screening and microvolume dispensing into 384- and 96-well plates.This new-generation dispenser offers outstanding flexibility. It can easily switch from 96- to 384- well plates and dispense up to 8 different liquids simultaneously. High-speed continious dispensing.
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FlexDrop Precision Reagent Dispenser
Item 8190-200-01
Price New:
without obligation

FlexDrop Precision Reagent Dispenser

Manufacturer: Perkin Elmer  Model: FlexDrop Precision Reagent Dispenser 

The FlexDrop Precision Reagent Dispenser is a liquid handling system designed for rapid dispensing of reagents, buffers, solvents and cells for high throughput assay preparation and compound storage. Intended for use in pharmaceutical, biotech, research and clinical applications, FlexDrop systems perform direct, non-contact dispensing into 96-, 384-, and 1536-well shallow and deepwell microplates. This small footprint instrument easily fits into a laboratory biosafety or fume hood to ensure sterile containment and safe dispensing of volatile reagents and solvents.

Numebr of bottles: 4 St.
Volume: 200 nl - 2 ml
Plate format: 96, 384, 1536
Perkin Elmer Model Number: BSQLV41
Voltage: 100-130 VAC / 200-240 VAC

Second hand instrument. Has been in a major pharmaceutical's working laboratory environment until recently. 6 months warranty.
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