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added 2014-01-18

Thermo Evolution 60 Spectrophotometer

Thermo Evolution 60 #375-0
Thermo Evolution 60 #375-0 Thermo Evolution 60 #375-1 Thermo Evolution 60 #375-2
Item Number:5500-801-01
Model:Evolution 60
Our Price: €2950.00

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Varian Helix Multichannel Fluorescence Detector

Varian Helix Multichannel Fluorescence Detector

Manufacturer: Varian  Model: Helix 

The 364 Multi-Channel Fluorescence Detector, an accessory for the Helix System, is ideal for high throughput
research and clinical laboratories using DHPLC in SNP and mutation discovery.

Save time and increase productivity with Varian’s 364 Multi-Channel Fluorescence Detector!
Four Results – One Injection
Simultaneously analyze a pool of four samples, each sample labeled with a different dye.

The 364 Detector is optimized for Cascade Blue, FAM, TET, and TAMRA fluorescent signals. Dye-labeled
primers are used in standard PCR* reactions to yield fluorescent products. The four products are pooled together and analyzed in a single injection.

Four separate real-time traces are generated in under 10 minutes by the Helix System with the 364 Multi-
Channel Fluorescence Detector.

Expand Your Lab’s Capabilities
By analyzing four samples in one run, the 364 Detector increases through- put from 200 to 800 samples per day.
While sample throughput increases four-fold, the cost per analysis remains the same. Dye-labeled primer costs are offset by a 75% reduction in buffer and column
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