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added 2014-01-18

Thermo Savant Speedvac Plus SC 210 A

Thermo Haake Speedvac Plus SC210A #379-0
Thermo Haake Speedvac Plus SC210A #379-0 Thermo Haake Speedvac Plus SC210A #379-1 Thermo Haake Speedvac Plus SC210A #379-2
Item Number:5800-230-03
Manufacturer:Thermo Haake
Model:Speedvac Plus SC210A
Status:On Stock
Price New:€5900.00
Our Price: €1850.00

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GeneVac EZ-2 Plus Personal Evaporator
Item 5800-605-02
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GeneVac EZ-2 Plus Personal Evaporator

Manufacturer: Genevac  Model: EZ-2 Plus 

Second hand Genevac EZ-2 plus

The Genevac EZ-2 Plus is suitable for both standard solvents like for water and volatile solvents, was well as for more difficult solvents with higher boiling points, as it is equipped with chamber heating and a more powerful pump.

Special features of the EZ-2 Plus:
Pressure control: automatic, 2mbar - atmosphere
Ultimate pressure: 2 mbar
Temperature control range: Ambient to 80°C
Chamber temp. range: Ambient to 60°C
Boiling point: Up to 165°C

Comes with rotor and a choice of sample holders.

Second hand instrument. 6 months warranty.
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