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added 2014-01-17

Circulation Chiller LAUDA WK 7000 W (8,5 kW cooling output)

Lauda WK 7000 W #308-0
Lauda WK 7000 W #308-0 Lauda WK 7000 W #308-1 Lauda WK 7000 W #308-2
Item Number:2470-112-01
Model:WK 7000 W
Status:On Stock
Price New:€12600.00
Our Price: €5950.00

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Julabo FP32 HP High-End Chiller

Julabo FP32 HP High-End Chiller

Manufacturer: Julabo  Model: F32 HP 

For internal and external temperature applications. All HighTech circulators are capable of monitoring an external system directly with an optional Pt 100 temperature sensor. Safety class 3.

Temperature range: -32°C to +200°C
14 L/min suction rate
20 L/min pump flow
220 mbar suction pressure
340 mbar pump pressure
cooling capacity: 360 W (20°C), 340 W (0°C), 150 W (-20°C)

• ICC = Intelligent Cascade Control
• Optimum temperature stability with varying systems achieved by the self-tuning controller, adjustable PID control parameters
• Multi-Display (LED), resolution to 0.01°C
• RS232 and RS485 interface, option: integrated Profibus
• Status display for convenient user-guidance, analog/digital setpoint input. Display resolution 0.01 up to 99.99°C

Second hand instrument. 6 months warranty. Several instrumentson stock.
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B 740/14 Recirculating Chiller

B 740/14 Recirculating Chiller

Manufacturer: Büchi  Model: B-740 

The compact and robust B 740/14 Recirculating Chiller has a capacity of 1400W at 15°C. It has a temperature range from -10°C - 40°C.

Ideal for the Büchi B-811 Extraction System, rotational evaporators etc.
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Huber Ministat cc3 Thermostat
Item 2470-800-01
Our Price:

Huber Ministat cc3 Thermostat

Manufacturer: Huber  Model: Ministat cc3 

Cryostat Huber Ministat 240 with Control cc3
Temperaturrange:-40°C - +200°C
Second hand instrument. 6 months warranty.
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Heidolph Rotacool Circulating Chiller
Item 2470-805-01
Price New:
without obligation
Our Price:

Heidolph Rotacool Circulating Chiller

Manufacturer: Heidolph  Model: Rotacool 

The Rotacool has the highest cooling capacity to bench space ratio due to "L-Shape Design".It is the only chiller designed specifically for rotary evaporators.
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