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added 2014-01-17

Shaking Incubator Infors Ecotron (refrigerated)

Infors Ecotron #322-0
Infors Ecotron #322-0 Infors Ecotron #322-1 Infors Ecotron #322-2
Item Number:2560-216-01
Our Price: €4100.00

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Thermo MaxQ8000-1CE Incubated Shaker
Item 2560-801-02
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without obligation
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Thermo MaxQ8000-1CE Incubated Shaker

Manufacturer: Thermo  Model: MaxQ8000-1CE 

Demo unit: Thermo MaxQ8000 Incubated Shaker. The instruments can be stacked upon each other.

Demo instrument with a 1 year Thermo warranty.

Several instruments on stock!

Speed: 25-400 rpm
Temperature: up to 60°C
Dimensions: 85 x 118 x 64 cm (DxWxH)
Weight: 299 kg
Comes with universal platform
Capacity (examples):
30 x 250 ml, 24 x 500 ml, 12 x 1000 ml oder 11 x 2000 ml
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