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added 2015-04-06

Extraction Unit Büchi B-811

Büchi B-811 #383-0
Büchi B-811 #383-0 Büchi B-811 #383-1 Büchi B-811 #383-2
Item Number:5951-100-01
Status:On Stock
Price New:€17200.00
Our Price: €8700.00
Ensure the most efficient sample preparation for demanding applications in residue and contaminant analysis. Expand your range of application with the multiple extraction methods of the Extraction System B-811. Soxhlet, Soxhlet Warm, Hot Extraction and Continuous Flow on the same instrument Combine the benefits of Soxhlet and Randall extraction in one instrument Reach the required detection limit thanks to 60% larger sample volume (LSV configuration) Compatible with many solvents and samples We also have the perfectly matching Büchi Recirculating Chiller B-740 on stock (additional costs).

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