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added 2014-01-17

Büchi Model B-580 oven

Büchi B-580 #323-0
Büchi B-580 #323-0 Büchi B-580 #323-1 Büchi B-580 #323-2
Item Number:2600-100-03
Our Price: €490.00
The B-580 glass oven is suitable for the drying, distillation, or sublimation of 100 to 250 mL samples under inert gas or vacuum if required. A glass tube with an electrically conducting coating acts as the heating element. The sample is heated in an appropriate drying tube or flask and can be viewed through the glass oven walls to monitor the process. Specifications: • Digital temperature display • Temp. range: 40 to 300 °C • Temp. accuracy: ± 5 °C (in center of oven at 300 °C) • Warm-up time: from 20 to 300 °C in approx. 10 min • CE compliant Drying tube assembly consists of tube which enters oven and end cap fitted with stopcock with vacuum and atmosphere/inert gas connections. Sample is placed in drying tube, which attaches to end cap with vacuum-tight flange. End cap is designed to hold desiccant to absorb water driven off by heat. Oven may be used for sublimation using optional sublimation insert. 2 instruments on stock. Second hands intrument. 6 months warranty.