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added 2014-09-08

BioRad Versadoc 4000 Molecular Imager

BioRad Versadoc 4000 #545-0
BioRad Versadoc 4000 #545-0 BioRad Versadoc 4000 #545-1 BioRad Versadoc 4000 #545-2
Item Number:4500-542-01
Model:Versadoc 4000
Status:On Stock
Price New:€52000.00
Our Price: €9900.00
The VersaDoc 4000 system is an ideal imager for proteomic studies, offering maximum flexibility with the ability to image chemiluminescent western blots, Coomassie Blue-stained 1-D gels, and SYPRO Ruby-stained 2-D gels with a single system. It resolves the finest details of every band or spot. Fetures include: - 3.2 megapixels CCD, 53 µm resolution - Accurate and quantifiable collection of data with a CV<5% - Molecular weight determination and protein sample quantification using Quantity One 1-D analysis software - Identification of differences in protein expression using PDQuest 2-D analysis software Applications: Fluorescence, Colorimetry, Chemiluminescence, Chemifluorescence Lighting: Red, Green, Blue and White Epi Illumination / UV and White Transillumination Resolution: 3,2 Megapixels Comes with software and 6 months warranty.

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