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added 2014-01-16

Fractioncollector BioRad Model 2110

BioRad Model 2110 #240-0
BioRad Model 2110 #240-0 BioRad Model 2110 #240-1 BioRad Model 2110 #240-2
Item Number:6100-200-02
Model:Model 2110
Status:On Stock
Price New:€1385.00
Our Price: €495.00

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Fraction Collector TELEDYNE ISCO Foxy JR
Item 6100-800-02
Our Price:

Fraction Collector TELEDYNE ISCO Foxy JR

Manufacturer: TELEDYN ISCO  Model: Foxy JR 

The Foxy Jr. gives you great capacity in minimal space. Foxy racks are available for almost any tube or vial, and even 96-well microplates. When you need increased amounts of purified product, Foxy Jr. lets you collect unlimited volumes in off-deck containers with a funnel rack.

The standard Foxy Jr. is compatible with all common aqueous solvents. The CombiFlash Foxy Jr. is designed for use with organic solvents.

Foxy Jr. lets you choose three methods to identify and separate peaks individually, or in combination to select only the fractions you want. Highly accurate slope detection using any LC detector, identifies peaks by their shape. Level sensing collects peaks above a selected detector signal threshold. Useful for collecting only the most concentrated part of the peak.

Time windows collect important fractions by known retention time. When combined with slope or level sensing, only certain desired peaks are selected, diverting other peaks and baseline effluent to waste.

Different rack sizes availbale. This instrument comes with a choice of 36 x 25mm and/or 100 x 16mm.

Several instruments on stock.

Second hand instrument. Has been in a major pharmaceutical's working laboratory environment until recently. 6 months warranty.
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