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added 2014-01-18

Berthold UMo LB123 Handheld Contamination Monitor

Berthold UMp LB123 #372-0
Berthold UMp LB123 #372-0 Berthold UMp LB123 #372-1 Berthold UMp LB123 #372-2
Item Number:5100-103-02
Model:UMp LB123
Status:On Stock
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LB122 Handheld Contamination Monitor
Item 5100-100-12
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LB122 Handheld Contamination Monitor

Manufacturer: Berthold  Model: LB122 

The basic version with the beta-gamma detector is designed for the measurement of contaminations on surfaces and objects in the medical radionuclide laboratories. The Xenon filled sealed large area proportional counter is especially sensitive to beta- and photon emitting radionuclides. Calibration factors for many nuclides among of them C-14, Na-22, P-32, P-33, S-35, Cr-51, Co-57, Fe-59, Co-60, Sr-85, Sr-90, Tc-99m, I-123, I-125, I-131, Cs-137, Tl-201, Tl-204 and Am-241 are internally stored. After selection of the radionuclide by the user the LB122 measures surface contaminations and displays them in Bq/cm².

Several instruments on stock

Second hand instrument. Has been in a major pharmaceutical's working laboratory environment until recently. 6 months warranty.
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Thermo Contamination Monitor Series 900 E

Thermo Contamination Monitor Series 900 E

Manufacturer: Thermo  Model: Series 900 GM 

A general purpose monitor using a thin end window GM tube. It is suitable for the monitoring of soft beta emitters. Under certain conditions surface beta and gamma dose rates may be estimated. The probe is supplied with a protective grille.
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