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Beckman Coulter Ac.T Diff hematology analyzer

Beckman Coulter Ac.T Diff hematology analyzer

Manufacturer: Beckman  Model: Ac.t 

The Beckman Coulter Ac.T Diff hematology analyzer is an excellent instrument for meeting the diagnostic testing requirements of today's physician office labs and smaller clinics. It has the capability to provide full blood count and white cell histograms. The instrument can hold up to 250 patient results and can provide the results within 60 seconds.

- Touch screen
- User-friendly interface
- Automated probe wipe
- Automated start-up and shutdown
- Automatic validation of control data
- Flagging of patient results
- Graphical printout of patient results
- Efficient data management
- Zero routine maintenance requirements
- High system reliability

Voltage: 240/120 (60/60 Hz)

Second hand instrument. 6 months warranty.
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