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SONICS VC-750 750-Watt Ultrasonic Processors
Item 1610-211-01
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SONICS VC-750 750-Watt Ultrasonic Processors

Manufacturer: Sonics  Model: VC 750 

The ultrasonic processors supplies 750 watts at 20 kHz, and process samples as small as 250µl or as large as 19L/hr using the accessory probes, microtips, and continuous flow cell listed separately (note: accessories need to be purchased separately.)

- Up to 750 W output
- Automatic tuning circuitry eliminates the need for constant adjustments
- Ideal for low- and high-volume application
- Microprocessor based and programmable
- Elapsed time indicator
- Independent on/off pulser

This instrument comes with
- Standard Tip
- Sound Box

Second hand instrument. 6 months warranty.
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Bransonic 2510-MTH Ultrasconic Bath
Item 1600-300-02
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Bransonic 2510-MTH Ultrasconic Bath

Manufacturer: Branson  Model: 2510E-MTH 

Branson sweep frequency ultrasonic cleaners for effective cleaning for use in laboratory, medical and maufacturing.

- Mechanical timer
- Deep cleaning action that removes stubborn contaminants, even from blind holes and internal surfaces
- Built-in sweep frequency ensures uniform cleaning activity throughout the bath, 40KHz

Volume: 2.8L
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Ultrasconic Bath Merck USR 18
Item 1600-205-02
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Ultrasconic Bath Merck USR 18

Manufacturer: Merck  Model: USR 18 

Interior dimensions (WxDxH): 140 x 150 x 100 mm.
Analog timer (0-15 min) or continuous operation.
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